Hunting Trips

Hunting Trips : St. Vincent Refuge – Little St.George – Dog Island

Do you live the outdoorsman lifestyle? Then grab your gear and get aboard for a trip that will put you at the center of a deer hunters’ dream world. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge is only accessible by boat and during the year, hosts limited-entry hunts and provides white tailed deer permits by a lottery system and special permit-only processes managed by FWC.

The Sambar deer hunting permit covers its unique, primitive weapons-only outing. A group application assures that up to five hunters go through the random drawing as one application for a good shot at success. Guest permits are not available and only licensed hunters have access to the refuge during these times.

The reserve is home to several endangered species and red wolves have been introduced into a breeding program. On this trip, you will be exposed to an ancient art form and way of life and return with a sense of how wild nature can become, when it is left undisturbed.

Capt. Davidson’s boat has the versatility and capacity to support true, outdoorsmen’s hobbies and provides enough deck and storage space so that you are comfortable on your trip to St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, bringing hunting & camping supplies and getting safely back to shore.

Note: Pricing based on “Average Sized”  Hunting Gear (per hunter): Food, 120 Cooler, Duffle Bag, Tent, Climber, and Weapon. We provide guidance on proven “Pack-In” methods & innovative outdoor products upon your request.(Maximum Capacity – Boat Regulations; No Exceptions)


Duration: Round Trip (arrival & departure dates of permitted hunt)
Rate : $300.00 Per Hunter (includes Cooler Storage)
Additional Round Trip: $100.00 (During Permitted Hunt)
Harvested Game Cooler Service: $125.00 (Includes Icing & Draining Cooler)
Professional Photography Session: $50.00
Pre-hunt Scouting Trip: Contact Capt.Davidson at

Note: Pricing based on Average Gear : XL Gear Bag or Container, Tent, 120 Cooler, Cased Weapon, Water, Compact Climber, and etc. (Maximum Capacity – Boat Regulations; No Exceptions)

Cape St. George State Reserve – Day Trip & Camping

Little St.George Island (also known as Cape St. George State reserve) is an uninhabited barrier island that was formerly occupied by various Indian cultures off the coast of Apalachicola between St. George Island & St. Vincent National Refuge. It was part of St. George Island prior to 1954 when Bob Sikes Cut was made by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Only accessible by boat, this island is filled with recreational opportunities, including hiking, kayaking, primitive camping, beach activities, wildlife viewing and fishing. Primitive Campers will need to contact Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (850) 670-7700.

Duration: Round Trip (requested arrival & departure times)
Rate: $350.00 (Max 4 People)
Additional Round Trip : $100.00 (During Specified Dates)
Professional Photography Session : $75.00 – $150.00

Note: Pricing based on Average Gear : Duffle Bag, Small Tent, 120 Cooler, and Beach Items (Maximum Capacity – Boat Regulations; No Exceptions)