Scalloping & Snorkeling

St. Joseph Bay is a special place with slow tides and where wading and pole fishing are advantageous.

It is also a quiet kind of place that skirts the Gulf of Mexico to take time with your camera.

This is where patience and keen sight are the keys to landing on a fish, and that same approach to shooting photography in these surroundings will reward a sharp eye with natural, still-life scenes that may feature birds that stop over to forage or sharks swimming close to its shore.

St. Joseph Bay’s shallow waters and sea grass beds make it a favorite snorkeling area to find seasonal scallops and it is a multi-species pot of gold to fish in.

You want to leave time to swim in the clear water at the end of Cape San Blas Peninsula and spy on crabs. Or, take a walk on its soft, white beaches or in the interior forest, counting shells or having a conversation with the native world at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

Bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen and be prepared to sit, and wait, for what comes your way to capture for your memory book out on the shore of Port St. Joe & Cape San Blas.


Scalloping & Snorkeling Charter:
(Contact Us to Discuss Seasons per Harvesting Zones)

4 Hour St. Joe Bay : $500
6 Hour St. Marks : $700
*Customer Provide Snorkeling Equipment*

*Base Pricing includes 4 People*