Captain Jeremy Davidson

Captain Jeremy Davidson is a Florida-raised outdoors man specializing in custom sight fishing, river cruise photography and inshore light tackle adventures on the Apalachicola River, and in Apalachicola Bay, that confront your imagination.

He calls it, filling in the gaps. Tours with this guide, who never backs down from a fine-tuned shot at the ninth inning of a trophy catch, but slows down to enjoy the playful camaraderie of dolphins can feature an epic tarpon fight or be as tame as a photo shoot with your kids.

You won’t ever go on just a ride! Davidson delights in designing it that way to share his good fortune with those who seek to experience the unseen parts of the Panhandle he calls home.

The best place to find him is where he wants you to be – on the water – taking your vacation, or special occasion to the next level of epic!

“ I put people in places that they’d never get to see. Just to get away awhile.”

Davidson’s fishing experience spans his childhood hooking snook under the stars at Little Gasparilla Island, catching large mouth bass on the Chain of Lakes, to Saltwater Fishing from The Forgotten Coast to Everglades National Park.

His family has been at St. George Island for over 22 years and mastered harvesting the elusive Tripletail to landing that monster Bull Redfish

His passion for photography has developed from a young age as well, and is supported by his insatiable enthusiasm for capturing his subjects as part of the surprises and spectacular works of art nature provides.

He uses his contagious energy to also be involved in conservation and youth programs with Ducks Unlimited and is an avid hunter on his family’s North Florida ranch.

Grateful for the amazing community that Apalachicola is, Davidson makes sure that visitors who confide their experience in him feel they are being brought back in time but also in touch with everything new to discover about each day on the water. To catch that next big fish, or capture the biggest smile ever requires only that you take a leap of faith and get on board.

“Nine times out of ten, something surprising happens. That’s the beautiful thing!”